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He (Socrates) reverses the roles and says to them:
it is not myself I am defending: it is you.
In the last analysis, the city is in him and they
are the enemies of the laws.

It is they who are being judged, and he who is judging;
an inevitable reversal by the philosopher, since he justifies
what is outside with values which come from within.

  Merleau-Ponty, Eloge de la philosophie,
  Leçon inaugurale au Collège de France 1953

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As Socrates made of himself the motor of conversation
by observing the conversation from the pure technical point
of view of transmission, it is not him who is being judged indeed.

It is he who is judging the quality of the conversation
by manipulating his judges’ ontologies.

  Laetitia Le Chatton, The Converse Of Networks,
  Thailand 2011